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Branding & Graphic Design

With a plethora of establishments in the hospitality industry, it may be a challenge to stand out. But with M Studio as your branding and design agency, your brand can have a strong, distinct identity and visual impact that can put your business above the rest. Through a well-thought-out concept and unwavering values, we can help your hospitality venue build credibility that shapes consumers' perception to make them choose you instead of your competitors. We can also help you create the ambiance, logos, designs, signages, and other elements that communicate your restaurant, cafe, or hotel's identity and personality. With great branding and design, you connect with your patrons by providing a unique personal experience for them.

Branding and Graphic Design

Creating Branding & Graphic Designs with M Studio

In this digital age, restaurants, cafes, and hotels must also engage with consumers in online platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok to be a successful hospitality business. As your graphic design agency for social media, your venue can have a strong and striking online presence.

Build a Distinct Branding for Your Hospitality Business

As your branding agency, we can create a sharp and clear-cut branding for your hospitality business with your own special:

  • Concept and identity
  • Font style
  • Colour scheme
  • Brand values, vision and mission statement

Communicate Your Branding with Outstanding Visuals

We can also be your very own graphic design studio that provides visual materials that communicates your branding well. To better connect with your consumers, you will have a team of talented branding designers for:

  • Logo
  • Menu - online and physical menu design and printing
  • Business cards design and printing
  • Signage Design and liaising with the manufacture for production and installation
  • Website banners (graphic content only)
  • Promotion flyers/advertisement (graphic content only)
  • Social media banners/advertisement (graphic content only)

We've Worked On

Bars | Restaurants | Cafes | Clubs | Pubs | Food Trucks | Production Kitchen | Function Kitchen

How It Works

Every project is unique and very individual. As your branding agency, we can come up with concepts and designs that suit your fitout's personality. Let's start creating your hospitality venue's unique identity!


We want to get to know you so that our branding designers can provide your hospitality space the visual appeal it deserves! During our meet and greet, we will delve deep into every aspect of your business, draft the project proposal, create a timeline, and begin investigation of your venue’s concept.

Design Planning

As your graphic design studio, we work with you to research your audience, value proposition, and competition to integrate the design language you can use to connect, advertise, and express in print and on social media.

Branding and Design Assessment

We create a branding package for you and monitor your brand. We also make recommendations on how to maintain your brand identity so you’ll know the dos and dont’s.

Design Production

We liaise directly with the printing companies for your menu, signages, business cards, and more, overseeing the production process to ensure the prints meet our design standards. For social media, we provide you with digital images to scale and appropriate resolution for you to upload.

M Studio Advantages

What sets M Studio above other graphic design studios? We have in-house building and interior designers specialising in hospitality venues and fitouts who can work alongside our branding designers, providing the final touches and ensuring that the branding design works with the design of the space. With their collaboration, your design intent is consistent and delivers a strong message to your venue's patrons.


Sabrina was professional and responsive. She handled the whole process of design and approvals, which made my work as a novice business owner easier to get the venue built and opened. She also took the time to explain to me the processes and requirements.



Very high quality work. Highly recommended.



Sabrina made the whole process of design, documentation and certification of our 2 venues seamless and easy. Very professional, prompt, knowledgeable and great to work with.

Josh & Tim

Director, and Head Chef

Sabrina is one of the most responsible and responsive designers I have met in my 20+ years of design and consultancy career. High recommended if you want someone who works with you and be respectful!




Every project is unique and very individual. Please get in touch with us for a free phone consultation and we can provide you with a quotation within 24-48 hours.

Graphic design is key to visual impact that will put your business above the rest. It helps communicate your brand’s personality and builds your hospitality venue a strong and distinct identity.

Branding designers specialise in visual language that communicates and connects with consumers. As professionals in the field, they know what concepts and designs best suit your brand. They also research your target audience so they can offer you the best ideas on how to achieve your goals.

We can create your venue’s ambiance, logos, designs, signages, and other materials that best communicate your restaurant, cafe, or hotel’s brand identity and personality. We can also be your graphic design agency for social media to help your brand build a strong online presence.

Our graphic design studio allows some flexibility in our services. Please get in touch with us for a free phone consultation to discuss.

Yes, we offer logo design for hospitality venues.

We allow some flexibility in our services. Feel free to get in touch to discuss.