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Lilly’s Restaurant Bar & Cafe

Lilly’s Restaurant Bar & Cafe is based in Preston NSW.

The project brief was to design a space that can be converted into many different uses throughout the week from breakfast to dinner service. The fitout has main entries: one for the cafe operations such as takeaway coffee, breakfasts, and lunches, the other for cafe/restaurant dining during the day offering breakfast and lunch services, and for the restaurant bar at night time offering dinner services. The space also offers large and small functions throughout the week. The main targeted patrons during the day and on weekdays are businesses around the area as it’s in an industrial area as well as residents in the area who come at night time on weekdays and all day on weekends.

M Studio was also tasked to design the commercial kitchen that maximises workflow and efficiency and minimises risk for all staff working in the back of house to be able to offer services all day and night from breakfast to dinner, as well as function events.

The service counter at the cafe was designed to maximise workflow for the staff working behind the counter. The counter integrated with the bar by separating the two spaces with a small upstand which then also formed into a bar counter ledge and wrapped around the bar. The counter ledge provides a barrier to the stainless steel bar bench that could become messy during service hours. It also serves as the pass counter for passing beverages to the patrons.

Calacatta stone with green and brown veins was used for the entire front and back counter on both the cafe and bar side to blend in with the greeneries and timber look finishes that were heavily used for the entire venue. The fluted timber panels were used for the cafe and bar’s facade to bring warmth and softness to the space. The terrazzo floor tile was also wrapped around the counter as a skirting, creating a sense of connection. Timber look laminate panels were used for the bulkhead above the cafe and bar with brass trims. The display shelf underneath the bulkhead has the same timber look finish and the brass tubes were used as supporting columns as a connection to the bulkhead and the fluted timber facade from the counter.

While designing the cafe, we considered the storage of takeaway coffee cups, dine-in mugs and saucers, coffee bean bags, milk storage, etc. and ensure the staff can manage the space and keep all those out of sight from patrons at all times.

The same design principles were applied to the bar. We were provided with an opportunity to have a meeting with the bar manager to discuss the existing workflow issues at Lilly’s other location in Seven Hills and worked together with the bar manager to maximise the workflow for the bar staff.

The display kitchen is positioned next to the cafe and the bar over the service pass with heat lamps along the pass windows. The same Calacatta stone with green and brown veins was used for the service pass to create a sense of connection to the cafe and bar counter. Fluted timber panels were used as the wall coverings for the display kitchen but painted in black to differentiate the two spaces. A black marble look laminate panel with brown veins was used as a bulkhead to blend in with the rest of the finishes and also to keep a consistent eye level with the adjacent bulkhead. The choice of colour black on the display kitchen wall is to keep the consistency with the display cooking equipment that was specially made by Moffat, Waldorf Bold, creating a clean and sleek look together with the marble look wall tiles on the kitchen wall.

Terrazzo floor tiles were used for the cafe, the bar, and in front of the display kitchen’s pass windows at the slip rating of P3 to ensure it meets the requirements of Australian standards and the National Construction Code. Broadloom carpet flooring with blue and grey swirls prints was used to keep it consistent with Lilly’s other venue at Seven Hills. White acoustic panels with recessed downlights were used throughout the entire venue to provide lighting and acoustic solution, and timbre battens with acoustic backing were used in the ceiling together with the feature pendant lights to maximise the acoustic solution to zone the dining area.

Laser-cut acoustic panels and feature wall lights were used to provide an extra acoustic solution and differentiate the restaurant area from the cafe. The acoustic panels were joined by brass trims to blend in with the other brass elements in the space.

Timber look laminate panels with brass trims were used for function room walls to create an opulent feel.

We believe the design is not just the looks; its main function is to maximise good user experience for everyone within that particular space.