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interior design tips and tricks


As a restaurant, bar, or cafe owner, you know the appearance of your commercial space greatly impacts the success of your business. This is where interior design and renovating your venue plays a part—it’s not just about making your space look aesthetically pleasing, but also creating a functional and inviting environment that will attract patrons and keep them coming back. Read on to learn the interior design tips and tricks you absolutely need to know to transform your commercial space into a place both you and your customers will love.


Understand Your Space

It’s crucial to understand your space before diving into the design process to make sure your design choices complement the distinct features of your place and meet your functional needs. Here are some tips on how to measure and assess your space and define its purpose:


Measure and Assess Your Space

You need an accurate understanding of your space’s dimensions and features to avoid making design decisions that don’t fit its needs or work against its strengths. Use tools like a tape measure, laser measure, or an app on your phone to make sure all measurements are precise. Visualise how your choices will look in the space by creating a floor plan or 3D model. This helps you identify potential challenges so they don’t become costly errors.


Define Your Space’s Purpose

Your space’s purpose is the main factor in the design decisions you make. By defining and understanding the purpose of your place, you can make choices that suit its needs and create an aesthetic and ambience that match your objectives. So before beginning the actual process, define your space’s purpose to create a design that not only looks amazing but also supports its functional requirements.


Establish Your Style

Create a cohesive and visually appealing space by establishing your style. Here’s what can help you establish a clearer vision for your venue:


Identify Your Style

A starting point in identifying your personal style is to analyse your existing furniture and decor. Jot down the colours, textures, and materials that you are drawn to, and take note of any recurring themes or patterns. For more interior designing ideas, get inspiration from different sources like design magazines, social media platforms such as Instagram and Pinterest, or even nature. Once you have a clear idea of your style, you can begin making design decisions that reflect your taste and complements your brand.


Create a Mood Board

One of the most given interior design tips is creating a mood board, a collection of images, materials, and colours that represent the look and feel you want to achieve in your interior design. It helps you visualise your design decisions and makes sure all elements in your space work together harmoniously. Start by getting inspiration from various sources then select the images and materials that match the style and brand you’re going for. Include fabric samples, paint swatches, and photos of furniture and decor you like. Finally, arrange the collection of items on a board or collage and refine it until it looks and feels cohesive.


Make a Plan

Planning ensures your vision for your space is realised. Here’s how to plan for a successful design:


Create a Floor Plan

To visualise the overall layout of furniture, fixtures, and decor, create a floor plan. Acting as a blueprint for the space, your floor plan helps ensure your design is both functional and cohesive for both your workers and patrons. Measure and assess your space carefully and take into account any architectural features like windows, doors, and built-ins to create an accurate floor plan.


Plan Your Lighting

Lighting significantly impacts the mood and function of any space. In a food venue, such as a cafe, bar, or restaurant, lighting should be designed to be both functional and visually appealing. Plan your lighting based on the purpose of your space, the activities that will happen there, and the mood and overall design you want to create. Lighting can also help improve the acoustics in your space or make your venue more luxurious even on a budget. Just choose lighting fixtures that are the appropriate size for your space and complement your overall design style.


Choose Your Furniture and Decor

Another one of the best interior decorating tips is to choose the right furniture and decor. Here’s how to select furniture and decor that will enhance the overall look and feel of your restaurant, bar, or cafe:


Invest in Key Pieces

Invest in key furniture pieces that elevate the overall look and feel of your venue, which also serve as your design’s foundation by anchoring the space while creating a focal point. These can be a stylish area rug, a statement sofa, or a striking artwork piece. Invest in such key pieces to create a cohesive and stylish space that captures your brand.


Mix and Match

Add interest and personality to your restaurant, cafe, or bar by mixing and matching furniture and decor. However, you should be careful as it’s important to still maintain cohesion and make sure the different styles and textures complement one another. One of the tested tips for interior design is to choose a colour palette then stick to it throughout your design. Using one dominant style then adding complementary accents balances different styles and textures.


Add the Finishing Touches

Finally, add your final touches and elements that bring life and personality to your space. Here’s how to elevate your venue’s design:



Wrap up the process by bringing the room together and making it feel complete with accessories. Aside from adding personality and warmth to a space, accessories can also reflect your brand’s taste and style. You can mix different textures and materials like natural fibres, metallic accents, and ceramic pieces, to add depth and interest to your cafe, bar, or restaurant. Just consider your room’s scale, proportion, colour scheme, and overall style when choosing your accessories and decor.


Incorporate Plants

Add life and colour to your cafe, bar, or restaurant by incorporating plants. Coming in different shapes, sizes, and colours, it’s a breeze to find a plant that complements the style of your room. Plants don’t just add visual appeal, they also offer a wide range of health benefits like purifying the air and reducing stress levels. Just consider factors such as lighting, humidity, and maintenance needs to make sure they can thrive in your commercial space.


The Takeaway

Creating a well-designed commercial space requires careful planning and attention to detail. Experiment, be creative, and exert effort. By understanding your space’s purpose and features as well as following these interior design tips and tricks, you can create the right design for your cafe, bar, or restaurant. 

Hire an interior designer who specialises in commercial spaces to make sure that your venue’s interior will not just be functional and aesthetically pleasing, but also reflects your brand’s personality and style.



How do I choose the right colour scheme for my space?

To choose the right colour scheme for your commercial space, consider the purpose of the venue and the overall atmosphere you want to create. Warm, rich colours such as reds and browns can create a cosy and inviting ambience, while bright, vibrant colours give off a livelier and more energetic vibe. While selecting colours, keep in mind your brand and personal preference. You should also consider the balance and contrast of colours and the impact of lighting to use colour effectively in your interior design.


How can I make a small space look bigger?

To make a small space look bigger, you have to create an illusion of space whether it’s for your small cafe, bar, or restaurant. Make your venue feel more open and airy by using light colours on walls and ceilings. Strategically placing mirrors around your space can also make it appear larger, and utilising multipurpose furniture, like tables that can be moved or folded easily, maximises the use of the limited room. Finally, create a more efficient and spacious feel by optimising the layout and flow of your venue.


What are some budget-friendly ways to update my space?

You don’t have to break the bank just to refresh the look of your bar, restaurant, or cafe. You can repurpose your existing furniture by reupholstering or giving it a fresh coat of paint to give it new life. You can also change the overall look and feel of your space by adding new accessories such as lighting fixtures, decorative pieces, or striking artwork. Changing the colour scheme of the space by painting the walls or adding accent colours is another budget-friendly option to give your venue a fresh look. Simply rearranging the layout of your space can already create a fresh and updated feel without spending anything.