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Architect vs. Interior Designer: What’s the Difference?

Architect vs. Interior Designer: What’s the Difference?

Confused whether your property renovation needs an architect or an interior designer? Some think they are interchangeable, or that you can hire one of either because they can do the work of both. But an architect and an interior designer are not the same. If you aren’t sure which of these professionals to hire for your space renovation, consider the differences between an architect vs an interior designer:

Who is an architect?

You hire an architect when you need someone trained in creating or designing a building structure that meets national, state, and local building codes. They also plan the flooring and placement of different rooms, bathrooms, gardens, and the rest. They make sure that the spaces are put in their appropriate places that are safe, functional, and pleasing to people. Architects are also focused on form, material, lighting, and ventilation. So if you need to create a building from scratch, you need an architect.

You also need an architect if you’re planning to make significant technical and structural changes to your existing property. Perhaps you want to add a room or a floor. Or you wish to expand your kitchen. Maybe you want to move or remove an entire wall. For any major structural and technical renovations, hire an architect.

Who is an interior designer?

If you need someone who is trained in creating safe and functional yet aesthetically pleasing interiors, hire an interior designer. An interior designer fills up empty spaces in a building and makes them complete. Taking into account the structure and function of the room as well as the human psychology and emotional aspect of the space, they work with fixtures, furnishings, finishes, colours, and textiles to create the desired look and feel to an interior. They can create a relaxing feel to a resort, a tranquil ambience in a coffee shop, or even a lively atmosphere in a fast food restaurant. You should hire an interior designer for renovation of basic design and fixtures in your space.

An interior designer also knows how to decorate your home or any interior. They help you choose the furniture that will contribute to the function and overall look of the space. They also know where each furniture item should be placed to make the room safe and comfortable. They decide if any woodwork is needed, what colour scheme suits the function of the room or your taste, which curtains would match the walls and furniture, and which paintings or wall art will enhance the look of your space. They will also suggest what kind of accessories like vases, pillows, hangings, clocks, and other decor will make your interior look its best.

The Takeaway

The work and expertise of an architect and an interior designer are not the same. Depending on your construction or renovation needs, you might require one or the other, or even both of them. For major structural and technical work like material, form, or floor plans, hire an architect. But to design safe and functional yet aesthetically pleasing interior spaces, hire an interior designer.