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tips for chic interior design

Chic Interior Design Tips

Creating a stylish and inviting ambience for your cafe, bar, or restaurant is crucial for the success of your business. Fret not because by simply incorporating the right colours, textures, and statement pieces, you can easily transform your space into a chic and trendy destination for patrons. Here we will share three quick interior decorating tips to give you inspiration and help you create a chic and stylish interior for your food venue.


First things first: What is chic interior design? Chic interior design is a style that prioritises sophistication, elegance, and simplicity. Often featuring a clean and minimalistic aesthetic, decor and furnishings are carefully selected to create a cohesive and inviting space. 

For busy business owners like you who are trying to balance the demands of running a successful establishment, renovating your cafe, bar, or restaurant to create a chic interior can be challenging. But there are easy and practical ways to transform your space without spending too much time or energy. Here are some interior design tricks designed to add depth, interest, and personality to any room and create a stylish and distinctive venue customers will adore:


Incorporate bold colours and patterns

To create a chic interior, add visual interest and personality to your space by incorporating bold colours and patterns. With the right combination that creates a sense of energy and vibrancy, the impact of colours and patterns on a room is significant. Consider using statement walls, like a brightly coloured accent wall or a patterned wallpaper. An alternative is to add colourful and patterned accessories such as curtains, rugs, or throw pillows. If you want a subtler approach, you can also incorporate colourful furniture or artwork that can have a significant impact on your interior.


Mix textures and materials

One of the great interior decoration tips to add depth and interest to your space is to create a more dynamic interior by mixing textures and materials. Just by incorporating various textures, you can create a more tactile and visually engaging ambience in your cafe, bar, or restaurant. You can add a plush rug or throw blanket to a leather couch to produce a cosy and inviting atmosphere. Mixing materials to create contrast and add character to the venue is also an alternative. You can pair a glass coffee table with a wooden accent wall to create a distinct and visually interesting contrast. Keep in mind that when mixing textures and materials, it’s crucial to strike a balance to avoid overwhelming your space.


Add statement pieces

The final interior decorating advice on the list is to transform and add personality to your food venue by adding statement pieces. Unique and eye-catching items, statement pieces serve as focal points in a space. These can be anything from a vintage sofa to a large piece of artwork or an ornate chandelier. Transform your cafe, bar, or restaurant by including a vibrant area rug, a striking piece of wall art, or even just a large mirror. In a chic interior design, statement pieces create visual interest, help establish the room’s overall aesthetic, and even serve as conversation starters.



Creating a chic interior design for your cafe, bar, or restaurant is an excellent way to elevate your venue and attract more patrons. These interior design suggestions are practical and effective tricks to create a stylish and inviting ambience. By following these tips, you can add interest and personality to your space without sacrificing functionality. With creativity and effort, you can remodel your venue into a chic and inviting environment your customers will love.

To make sure you create a space that reflects your brand and appeals to your target market, consider hiring an interior designer who specialises in hospitality fitouts. With their expertise and experience, they can create the best and most efficient layout and design that can help your food business achieve success.


Frequently Asked Questions

How can I incorporate bold colours and patterns without overwhelming a space?

Incorporate bold colours and patterns without overwhelming your space by using them in moderation and balancing them with neutrals. Use patterns in small doses like on curtains or throw pillows instead of on larger pieces of furniture. You can also include patterns through accessories such as rugs or wall art as they can be switched out easily if you want to change the look of your venue.


What are some affordable statement pieces that can add style to a room?

Transforming a space is possible without breaking the bank. Affordable statement pieces like accent chairs, distinctive lighting fixtures, or large wall art can instantly add style to your venue. Incorporating greenery through plants and trees can help add texture and interest. Aside from adding visual interest, mirrors are an excellent way to make a space brighter and larger.


How do I balance different textures and materials in a space without it looking cluttered or chaotic?

Balance different textures and materials in your space without it looking cluttered or chaotic by starting with a neutral base and then adding in textures and materials gradually. Select a few key pieces incorporating different textures and materials, like a leather chair or a velvet sofa, then balance them out with simpler pieces. Tie different textures and materials together and create a cohesive look by using a neutral colour palette. Too many large or bulky items can make your venue feel cluttered so be mindful of the scale of different textures and materials.