Future Mobile Work Space



Project Description: The theoretical base of this subject will focus on developing the understanding of the complexities of designing nominated commercial environments whilst appreciating the growing demand for the application of sustainable design practices – not only in materials and technologies but also in the longevity and adaptability of the final design solution. Will integrate their knowledge of identity design and environmental imperatives into the creative realisation of a nominated commercial project brief. Will be required to work with real sites for their environment, carry out complete site analyses, develop concept proposals and carry this through to completed design proposals. Will also be required to understand Australian standards, liquor licensing laws, building code requirements/regulations, and approval process for nominated commercial environments.


Project Brief

Southern Hospitality Australia is a mega kitchen store for the hospitality and food service industry. Their offices in Sydney are growing rapidly and the demand to accommodate more staff members is becoming a serious issue.


The general manager has put forward a proposal for all sales representatives to have the possibility to work remotely from home, on the go or on site.


Current Issues: 

  • All sales representatives are provided with a car and a mobile phone.

  • They need to come into the offices to put through purchase orders and organise documentation.

  • They spend a great deal of time travelling from site and customers to the office every day.

  • This takes up a lot of their valuable time, which could be better spent visiting customer.

  • It also results in extra costs on petrol, e-toll and car insurance premium in some unfortunate situations.



  • A hybird laptop (tablet/laptop) connected to the main network will help them work remotely.

  • A self driving car equipped with all the necesscary tool to allow them to work remotely while also being on the move between customers.

The above solutions will limit their necessity to be in the office, with the exception of weekly sales meetings. This will result in more time spent on the road, visiting customers and resulting in increased sales.



Concept for self driving car: Also refer to the concept sketches

  • a desk for client meeting and work place.

  • tinted glass windows with frosted function on and off.

  • structure to be coloured green to match the company's logo.

  • seatings for minimum 4 pessengers.

  • seatbelt is a must.


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Mood Board
3D Concept Sektches
Floor Plan
Side Elevation
Front Elevation
Front Elevations