Black and White Theme Photography


Project Description: Capture a sequence of still images through Black & White Photography and compose a photographic storyboard. Presentation of a series of photographic responses (minimum of three) to a prescribed theme, incorporating black and white photo storyboard (digital format) showing concepts of composition and lighting


Theme: "Gone"

“Gone” is the past participle of “go”, it is used to describe the past. In this project it is used to describe the end of something that is no
longer in our existence, no longer part of the present and the future. Our lives are very fragile and so unfair because death comes in many
ways at any times with or without warning – some of us get a chance to say good bye but for some of us, we just have to face the reality
even if we don’t want to.

I’ve just recently lost someone who’s very dear to me, my best friend, my fur baby, my one and the only boy, Chuck, the cat with a very sweet
personality. I followed Chuck’s footsteps around the house, looked at things from his point of view, I placed my camera at approximately his eye level and took these photos.

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Strawberry House
Cat Tree