Narrative Photography Sequence


Project Description: Narrative surrounds us in momentary experiences as well as within a sequence of events. The challenge of this assessment task is to capture narrative moments within single photographs as well as (on a broader level) the series that the photographs make up. Students are encouraged to explore the idea that in the realm of photography, the whole is the sum of its parts and the parts can stand alone: both aspects contain narrative. Students are to plan, produce and present a sequence of photographic responses to a prescribed narrative theme, comprising of a slide presentation accompanying a printed, framed hero image from their sequence. The photographic works must be full colour (not black and white) responses to a prescribed narrative theme, showing creative composition and lighting. Students must design and plan for the production of images which, as standalone photographs, contain narrative meaning, and together as a series, form a narrative sequence.


Theme: "Just Keep Swiming"

I’ve watched Finding Dory very recently and the phrase “just keep swimming” has inspired me a lot. The film has a very strong idea/story line about keep moving forward regardless of things going right or wrong.

There are always ups and downs in life, we just have to keep swimming, keep moving forward.It’s also about perspective, the world is a wonderful place if we know where and how to look at it from.

In my project, I’ve decided to document a person’s a day in life and ways to keep on swimming every day.


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Opening image
The second image
The third image
The fourth image
The fifth image
The sixth image
The seventh image