Project Description: For this task students will be given a set of topics/issues and will need to develop and propose a research-driven design process culminating in a specific deliverable (or set of deliverables) to be negotiated as part of the proposal process.

Project Brief

Bubbles Bar and Nightclub was designed by addressing the following four main issues.


Vision Impairment: The LED strip guide lights installed in the floor to help the partially vision impaired patrons get around easily. The interior layout is designed to avoid elevated floor levels to help the vision impaired avoid tripping hazards.


Recycling: Recycled materials have strongly influenced the furniture and the choice of materiality. The recycled timbers are used throughout the whole bar in different paint colours such as brown, turquoise, cream and yellow. Recycled glass shelves are utilised to reflect environmentally sustainable design. All leaners and VIP booths are designed uniquely with a small under shelf at the bottom of their seats as a storage area for bags and other things.


Violence and Harassment: Three different types seating arrangements have been provided and distributed throughout the bar and nightclub. The large circulation areas help minimise any violence and harassment by providing a clear view of the whole area for everyone.

  • VIP area is located next to the bar and dance floor; shielded with a glass panel gives the customers/patrons the VIP experience.

  • High tables and chairs are provided next to the bar and dance floor as well for customers looking for a quick drink and quick access to the dance floor or even taking a quick break from dancing.

  • Soft Seating area is located next to the VIP area and designed for customers/patrons who are looking to sit down and relax.


Interactivity: Customers/patrons at Bubbles come to relax and let loose and there is nothing better to bring out our inner child like a ball pit; which is located next to the bar and the leaners available for anyone to jump in and enjoy themselves.

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VIP Seating
Soft Seating
Ball Pit
Material Board
Preliminary Floor Plan
Purposed Floor Plan