Sun's Burmese Kitchen



Sun’s Burmese Kitchen is situated in a tiny block of shops off Richmond Road Blacktown. It offers traditional Burmese cuisine, it was first opened in 2012, on 12th of April, it is located in Blacktown just a couple of kilometres away from Blacktown Station. It is run by the chef Hsan Myint Aung and his wife Elinda Myint Aung.


The restaurant is growing and it has becoming very popular in Blacktown area, Hsan is now looking to refurbish both front of house and back of house. As well as looking for a new location in Blacktown area to expand his business where he can host events and host other big functions.


Hsan wants to deliver the best dining experience to his customers, by transforming his humble restaurant into something more modernised [but still expressing the traditional and culture background of his home country Burma] and deliver the best authentic Burmese cuisine in Western Sydney.


The problems currently with the restaurant:

Front of house

  • Outdated

  • Atmosphere is gloomy

  • Waiter station blocking pathway to kitchen

  • Pathway to kitchen is also pathway for access to the restaurant toilets



I have redesigned the restaurant to express the traditional and cultural background of Burma.

By using

  • Timber Furniture

  • Traditional Parasol Umbrellas

  • Hide Leather Pendent Lights (very similar to traditional Burmese oil lights)

  • Cocktail Pendent Lights (similar shape to tea cups found in Bagan)

  • and Brick walls (heavily influenced by the building methods found in Bagan Tempeles all built between the 11th and 13th Century) 


NOTE: The restaurant will be built later this year (2016)

Sun's Burmese Kitchen
Shop Front - Current Stage
Current Stage
Current Stage
View from counter
Counter - Entry to Kitchen
Mini Store Shelves
Waiting Area
Waiting Area & Mini Store
View from waiting area
Feature Wall
Finishes & Furniture
Waiting area & Display Shelves
Waiting area & Display Shelves
Waiting area
Dinning Area
Dinning Area
Dinning Area
Dinning Area
Front Counter